Quick-release couplings are available in various sizes (from 1/4 "to 1") with interchangeability of the contact part of the socket and nipple according to ISO 7241-A, ISO 14541, ISO 16028 ("Flat Face").
Quick-release couplings can be manufactured with various types of fittings with metric and inch threads.

Quick release couplings "QR"

Interchangeability according to ISO 7241-series A. Ball clamping of half couplings. Poppet valve. Two-way "connection-disconnection" (the so-called "rupture coupling" function). Most often found on agricultural and communal machinery. Designed for light operating conditions, as well as where there are no ultra-high pressures.

Quick release coupling "QT"

Interchangeability according to ISO 14541. Threaded locking half couplings. Poppet valve. They are used for high, as well as pulse pressure. It is most often used on agricultural, construction and road machinery, and machinery working in quarries.

Quick release coupling "QF"

Interchangeability according to ISO 16028. Ball clamping of half couplings. The valve is a flat face ("flat face"). The presence of a lock to prevent spontaneous detachment. Used in hydraulic systems, where it is necessary to eliminate the possibility of external oil leaks and there is a risk of contamination of the liquid. This type of connection allows you to successfully work with impulse loads such as a hammer.