Quick release coupling "QF"

1. The couplings are made on high-precision equipment made of carbon steel with high-quality external and internal galvanic zinc coating, which ensures their hermetic connection and long service life with repeated connection-disconnection, as well as the necessary corrosion resistance.
2. The O-ring is made of high-strength rubber based on oil-and-petrol resistant rubber, which ensures optimum tightness of the coupling coupling and long service life of the coupling.
3. The shut-off valve in each coupling half automatically closes the flow of the working fluid when disconnected and is made in the form of a plane, which ensures full opening and closing of these valves and prevents air and dirt from entering the hydraulic system.
4. The diameter of the inner working chamber allows the working fluid to work in the optimal temperature regime without overheating, without hindering the operation of the hydraulic connections.
5. The connecting dimensions of both coupling halves correspond to the ISO 16028 standard, which makes it possible to use the "HYDROSILA" half-couplers with the coupling halves of the world manufacturers of the same size.
6. The valve base in both coupling halves is made of a high-strength alloy, which increases the life of the coupling.
7. Fittings are connected to the main part of the coupling half by threaded connection through a sealing rubber ring, which ensures tightness and a long service life.