Celebration of the 60th anniversary of the release of the first gear pump "Hydrosila"

Celebration of the 60th anniversary of the release of the first gear pump "Hydrosila"
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Exactly 60 years ago in 1958 the factory “Hydrosila” (at that date “Kirovohrad aggregate factory”) produced the first gear pump GP40-В.

At that time (since the end of 1955), factory specialized on production of oil and water pumps for combine engines У-5M, which were product by the factory from Kharkiv “Serp & Molot”. Understanding the prospects of production aggregates for tractors, with the goal for the further development of the company, in 1958 direction made a risk (by the opinion of the skeptics in that time) decision – took up for the production of the gear motors.

It was May 1958, when the production of gear motors starts. It was an extremely critical situation. Qualified workers, who knew the production – lacked. Between the factories ITD were only 5 engineers, in that number – 2 young specialists.

The Head Technologist of the factory and his Deputy were the technologists with 7-years work experience. The head Engineer-technologist, who heads of the group of 3 people for the start-up and development of the pump production, was the technician with not full 3-years’ experience.

Timing for preparation and development the production had been identified for 5 month. Production areas and equipment were lacked. To get out from of the situation Direction had to make extra-ordinary decisions. Suffice it to say that, at the pump cases, the planes for the inlet and outlet flanges were milled on a simple lathe, and the wells under the bushings were completely bored on a turret lathe. In order to organize new production sites, in very low unsuitable premises - workplaces for drilling machines of 0.5-1 m were “dug” into the ground.

Despite all the difficulties, by October 1958 the first pumps were successfully manufactured and tested. Until the end of the year, 12,000 such hydraulic units were manufactured.

As a result of the modernization by the end of 1960, the manufactured GP40-B pump was replaced by the GP32-E pump, which, in terms of durability and efficiency, significantly exceeded its predecessor. This pump, modified and improved by designers of many generations, and today is produced in the company as UNIVERSAL series.

In 1962-1970, the standard-sized series of gear pumps of the “A” series with working volumes of 32, 50, 71, 100, 160 and 250 cm3 / rev. the original new design was recognized and the right to long life as a result of strict comparative tests. Reliable, high-quality and durable pumps of this design, known as "round", with a number of technical improvements, are in demand by the creators of agricultural and road-building machines and are produced by “Hydrosila” today, as ANTEY series.

In the first half of the 1970s, to control the gearbox without breaking the flow of power and lubricating the onboard gears, the new at that time high-powered tractors developed and introduced into production oil pumps НМШ-25, НМШ-50, НМШ-80, НМШ - 125 and reversible НМШ -125Р. Most of these pumps, in demand, are modernized and manufactured in the enterprise and currently. In the 1990s, in order to substantially reduce the consumption of materials and power consumption of gear pumps, it was created, put into production and was highly appreciated by tractor manufacturers for an optimal price-performance ratio, the range of pumps of the gear pumps series "M" with working volumes from 20 to 50 cm3 / rev. The pumps of this series are available in two versions - the 3-rd version (maximum pressure in the hydraulic system up to 21 MPa) and the 4th version (maximum pressure up to 25 MPa). Currently - a modified series MASTER.

At the end of 2001, the production of the new GP10У-3 pump was organized, which, thanks to a number of original design and technological solutions, turned out to be simpler and more affordable, more reliable and durable compared to traditional pumps of this dimension.

The design was developed and small-scale production of a range of standardized pumps of the second dimensional group of the 4th design (from 4 to 20 cm3 / rev) for pressure up to 250 kg / cm2 was organized. They are produced with connecting dimensions according to international standards in a through-cast-case of equal strength. In 2002-2003, the design was developed and the production of a series of gear pumps of the third dimensional group (from 25 to 90 cm3 / rev) of the 4th design for pressure up to 250 kg / cm2 was organized.

In 2004-2005, the design was developed and the production of a range of standardized pumps of the fourth dimensional group (from 63 to 200 cm3 / rev) for pressures up to 250 kg / cm2 was organized.

Since 2005, the development of the nomenclature of gear pumps goes in the direction of growth of working pressures in the hydraulic systems of machines, which is caused by the requirements of energy saving.

Since 2012, “Hydrosila” has mastered the production of gear pumps and hydraulic motors of the K series in an aluminum rolled housing with connecting dimensions in accordance with international SAE, EUROPEAN, GERMAN and other standards for hydraulic systems with pressures up to 250 bar.

Pumps of the “K” series have a number of advantages over the traditional for the former USSR “flat” and “round” GP.

The through-equal-strength housing made of aluminum rolled products and the use of solid casting sleeves made of high-strength aluminum alloy by injection molding made it possible to significantly increase the strength characteristics of the nodes compared to GP in traditional cast housings and made it possible to use series pumps in more loaded working conditions. For work in hydraulic systems under more loaded working conditions, the variant with cast-iron lid is also produced. Pumps of the “K” series make it possible to raise the line of working pressures in the hydraulic system from 160–200 bar, at which the majority of domestic high schools operate, to 250 bar.

Pumps and hydro motors of this series are used on the equipment of world brands and are successfully used on mobile technology and in various areas of industry, thanks to impeccable reliable operation under conditions of high working pressures and speeds.

Pumps of this design are interchangeable with pumps, manufactured by known global companies, such as BOSCH-REXROTH, CASAPPA, CAPRONI, INDUSTRIALTECHNIC, MARZOCCHI, VIVOLO, OT-Oiltehnology (BREVINI), RONZIO, TUROLLA (Danfoss), SALAMI, Bondioli & Pavesi et al.

In 2013, the production of “T” series pumps was mastered for use on vehicles on a vehicle chassis: dump trucks, truck mounted cranes, utility machines, etc.

The main criteria when choosing a pump for dump truck hydraulic systems are the use of a unified international standard ISO or UNI, ensuring the reversibility of the unit and the ability to install directly on the power take-off box.

These GP work in hydraulic systems with a working pressure of up to 280 bar, have unified overall and mounting dimensions according to international standards. They are manufactured with working volumes from 34 to 100 cm³ and are completely interchangeable with imported analogues (for example, the firms O.M.F.B., HYVA, Jihostroj a.s., KAZEL, CASAPPA).

Today, Hydrosila is one of the largest manufacturers of gear pumps and other power hydraulic machines in Eastern Europe.

Technological equipment of the enterprise allows to carry out a full production cycle - from casting billets to assembly and testing of finished products.

The quality management system is certified for compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 International Standard.

Over 60 years of successful manufacturing, more than 20 million gear pumps have been produced. They work in the hydraulic systems of agricultural, road-building, utility machines, on many other vehicles in more than 50 countries of the world.