Gear pumps Series MASTER

насос серии MASTER

The working volume is from 6 to 100 cm3.
Nominal pressure at the exit - 160-200 bars.
Rated speed - 2400 rpm.

Gear pumps of the MASTER series are created on the basis of the pumps НШ32M-4, НШ50M-4, which have proven themselves well among consumers. The main difference between the pumps of this design is a high resource of 2,000,000 cycles. Pumps of the MASTER series are intended for use on agricultural, construction, road, forest, municipal and other equipment.

The basis for pump design is a long experience of factory specialists and world companies.

Effective design, modern parts and high precision technological equipment provide steady efficiency during the whole service life.

Group 2

gear pumps НШ 6...16М-3

Group 3

gear pumps НШ 25...50М-3

Group 4

gear pumps НШ100М-3