Gear pumps Series «ANTEY»

The working volume is 32 ... 250 cm3. 
Nominal pressure at the exit - 16-20 MPa. 
Nominal rotation speed - 1500-2400 rpm

Series 'ANTEY' gear pumps (upgraded variant of design version 'A' gear pumps) are intended for operation in hydraulic systems of machines which are used at construction, excavation works, under extreme climatic conditions so as in enormous dustiness. Minimizing of hydraulic loads on the housing parts, ensuring comfort operational conditions for sleeve bearings through their installation in a solid assembly unit enable series 'ANTEY' pumps to resist high hydraulic loads still maintaining great performance figures.

Group 3 (32…50 cc)

gear pumps НШ32А-3, НШ50А-3

Group 4 (71...100 cc)

gear pumps НШ71A-3,НШ100A-3