New products by Hydrosila at CTT 2012, in Moscow

Group of companies Hydrosila took part at the International specialized exhibition construction equipment and technologies CTT 2012 in Moscow since May 29 till June 2, 2012. The show is the world largest annual b2b exhibition.
Hydrosila presented the whole range of main components for hydraulic systems of mobile machines: axial-piston pumps and motors in swash plate design, bent axis axial-piston pumps for closed and open circuit, gear pumps of different design, control valves, hydraulic cylinders and high pressure hoses.
Our company offers to customers design of hydraulic systems for particular construction machines, it allows to provide package supplies and to increase warranty terms for all components.
Hydrosila presented new products:
-    Bent axis axial-piston pumps PBF20 and motors MBF20, with the axis of 40°
-    Axial-piston pumps and motors with LS control system for open circuits of Series C
-    Axial-piston pumps and motors Series H – new design of Sauer Series 20, for work in hydraulic systems with rated pressure 420-450 bar
-    Gear pumps Series F – for machines working in heavy-duty service
-    Gear pumps Series K of group 1 and 2
-    Modular control valve MRS120B1 with different types of spools and controls
-    Special gear pump Series T, displacement 61 ccm and control valve MR100T1P with pneumatic control, both to be applied at dumper trucks, handling equipment and other specialized machines based on chassis
-    Hydraulic cylinders of different frame sizes (nowadays our company offers to its customers over 250 different designs and sizes of cylinders)