10th Anniversary of "Hydrosila APM" plant establishment

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In my life, I had to see many solid enterprises, powerful industries - went down to uranium mines, touched the turbine of a hydroelectric power plant, saw shipyards, powerful metallurgical plants and even how tanks are made at the Malyshev plant in Kharkov. It would seem difficult to surprise, but he visited one of our local plants and was amazed. We have such a plant in the regional center - "Hydrosilа APM", and it would be good to take excursions there.

The company was 10 years old. In fact, then, in November 2009, from, the "big", the main "Hydrosila" plant separated the unit, which was engaged in the production of axial-piston machines. Gear pumps continue to be produced at the "main" Hydrosilа. And Hydrosila APM is a separate enterprise. Separation occurred mainly for the more efficient development of production. For people far removed from technology, there is little explanation. Hydraulic pumps convert mechanical energy, simple shaft rotation from any motor, into working fluid pressure. It is thanks to the hydraulic pumps that the body of the dump truck tilts, the excavator bucket digs the ground, the roller levels the freshly laid asphalt, the crane lifts the load to height.

Gear pumps are simpler in design, much cheaper, but the outlet fluid pressure cannot be adjusted. Axial-piston pumps are much more complicated in design, but output power can be controlled. And their efficiency is higher. From the very name it is clear that pistons work in such machines, it looks like the work of an internal combustion engine in your car, only there is no explosion of the mixture, the pistons simply transfer energy, press on the working fluid (this is most often mineral oils), thanks to which the body rises. tipper. The СEO Alexander Shamshur gives the following analogy: the gear pump is the destroyer, and the axial piston is the aircraft carrier.

It seems to us now that all the goods around us are from China - from, sorry, cowards to smartphones. But it turns out that there are enterprises in the Kirovohrad region that sell their products to China, not buy! Speech about "Hydrosila APM". Chinese comrades under the sensitive guidance of the party are not just forging, but, let's just say, copying almost everything produced in other countries of the world. As in an anecdote: "Our children do stools at work training lessons, and Chinese children do" iPhones "at such lessons." So, China buys hydraulic machines produced in Kropyvnytskyi! Many years! It would seem that they could have copied and started their production for a long time. And it does not work! The technology of producing a high-quality product can not be forged, this time. And secondly, the production of "Hydrosila APM" is quite competitive in the price-quality ratio, the Chinese at all their opportunities to do everything cheap yet can not produce decent products of this kind.

Factory director Alexander Shamshur, has visited China more than once. Shares memories - flew to Shanghai, there is nothing to breathe, the streets because of people on mopeds and motorcycles do not go through. The next time he flew in just three months - and on the streets of a single moped with an internal combustion engine. Party banned. And everyone goes electric bikes all around. But, he says, the air is cleaner for some reason still. But it's not about that.

China is a very progressive, rapidly developing country, but our manufacturers also have a place in their market. As Alexander Zakharovich says, they have no concept of downtime there. Concrete trucks operate around the clock, and people change. Because there are so many big construction projects. And when something breaks down in the concrete truck, then the whole car is simply put aside, and a new one is put in its place, with our own pumps.

The author of these lines worked at "Hydrosila" in Soviet Union times. And almost thirty years later he walked through the once familiar shops. It is clear that we live in an age of rapid global change, and when I worked at the factory, I did not even know such words and concepts as "the Internet" and "mobile phone". But how did things change for the better!

At the time, the plant still had machines exported after the war from Germany! And now there are German machines at the Hydrosila APM. But these are the products of one of the world's best manufacturers of precision machine tools HULLER-HILLE. Other machines at the plant - American, Japanese, Austrian, Swiss production. Lots of equipment from DOOSAN from South Korea. There are also our, Ukrainian machines, the production of the Luben machine tool plant, and developed under the joint project "Hydrosila APM" with the plant "Motor-Sich" from Zaporozhye (produces engines for airplanes and helicopters). Investors have invested 278 million hryvnias in the plant, equipment and computerization for a decade.

You know, any normal guy since childhood, from a boy's age, appreciates the power, energy, brutal beauty of big serious machines. But not only about the speech. There is its own, special aesthetic in the work of a large intellectual machine that, in your eyes, from a steel rough jar, does the thing.

For techies who understand: in these universal machines there is a whole bank of tools, it can be seen - there drills, cutters, cutters of all kinds! A few dozen. I remembered how often the cutters had to be changed at the Krasniy Proletariat lathe… Now this is not the case. XXI century.

Alexander Shamshur, Director of Hydrosila APM, is proud of the company he manages.

- In what technique, familiar to us, ordinary people, do your units work?

- In Belarusian career cars BELAZ, on all MAZ equipment - such buses travel to us in Ukraine. If you see a concrete truck in our city, then rest assured - our units rotate the barrel on it. In general, our products are now shipped to about fifty countries. The main market is China and Southeast Asia, Thailand in the first place. Still the United States and Turkey. Europe. The last country we started working with is Vietnam, where there is also a need for our products.

- Can be pro the US more in detail?

- Our hydro units there buy oil and oil refineries. We supply a lot of spare parts there, rotors mostly.

– But once you wanted to buy from Americans the technology of production of your current products!

– Yes, in 1977 there was a great need for such cars in the country, and they wanted to buy a license from the Americans, but they thought that it was a dual-purpose product, could be used in the army (this is true, there are hydraulic drives in the tanks. - Aut.). And with the Germans from Sauer-Sundstrand agreed, bought a license, equipment and started working. The plant was reconstructed and in November 1979 the first experimental transmission was assembled. Equipment was purchased for $ 19 million. But most importantly, the project took only two and a half years from conception to launch. At that time an unimaginable pace.

Many of the technologies that we have taken from the Germans at the time, and today are in demand, are good. Back then, they wanted to launch a burst technology inside blast pump housings. They even bought Bosch equipment, but it didn't work because of safety requirements, etc. And last year, we purchased equipment and launched this technology to clean burrs from internal channels. This is such an installation, it launches gas, there is an explosion, and all the burrs, sharp edges are melted. In Ukraine only we have such technology.

In general, everything happened thanks to the people working here. The main was Viktor Nikolaevich Zhovtobryukh, he kept moving. I came to the factory in 1978, just when the axial-piston project was being launched. Not all the license documentation has been received yet, but Viktor Nikolayevich himself painted the technology on those sites, and when the documentation was received, we compared - there were very few differences!

And how many more talented specialists! Grigoriev, Vorona, Petrovsky, Tkachenko… 80% of the ideas that we now apply in our work are their merit.

At that time there was not even such a term as “project management”. But everything was! It was necessary to coordinate both the design work and the construction of production facilities, the supply of everything needed, although there was no bronze, the brand of steel that was needed. But it turned out. Metals have all been developed in cooperation with metcombinations and we still use them.

At that time, the beginning of production of axial-piston machines was a breakthrough in all directions. There came such equipment, such a level that we did not know about, new technologies, tools, Japanese measuring machines.

The Germans, Americans, and Swiss started working. It set the highest bar, European technologies and approaches.

There were difficulties, of course. The fact is that, by the same technology of the same company, the valve box was produced for us near Leningrad, in Pargolovo. When the Union split, we went there and just wrote off the technology by hand, went back and launched it. And this in the early nineties, you remember, how easy it was then?

But, I believe, "Hydrosila" always carried with the directors. Viktor Nikolaevich Zhovtobryukh, then Gary Vasilyevich Bugreev… They kept the team, did not squander, did not hand over the equipment to scrap.

Well, when Pavel Stutman and Yuri Titov came, the revolution began. Industry 4.0. Well, you probably know: 1.0 is a steam and water machine, the transition from manual labor to machine, the beginning of the industrial revolution. 2.0 - the appearance of mass production, conveyors, electricity. 3.0 - the appearance of CNC machines, the first robots. And 4.0 is the complete digitization of all processes. The world is coming to the point that everything will be digitized, and projecting it into production - the digital process and biological will increasingly merge. People will increasingly interact with the equipment.

Already in my office on the computer screen, I see how a particular machine works, how much it processes parts in a day, when there were downtime and why. Not all machines are connected to the network, but we are consistently implementing a smart control system together with an engineering company from the Dnieper.

We have the most modern ERP production management system. In April 2002, it was launched, it's an American system, first launched on Boeing. We are developing new models in the latest Solidworks software. Ten years ago, we had about a hundred people working in the design department. And now it's fifteen. Thanks to modern technology. No need to run to the library, flip through directories, there is no routine work, which was a lot of engineers and designers of the past. By the way, our designers are mostly young people, 4-5-6 years old work.

In 2009, we produced 7 models of our products. And today is 39, so you can understand that we are not standing still. Changes in ten years are dramatic.

Initially, we only produced pumps with an inclined washer, with a limited scope, but already in 2010 we started a project for the production of pumps with an inclined block and in the beginning of 2012 we released three variants at once. We already had a ready market for them, there were customers. Bought a unique Swiss machine, such in the world units. And it was work already on the project, not under the license on which we earlier let out units. And this is the work of many people on the development, prototypes, tests, a million other problems ...

Last year, we released 30,000 units. Plus a lot of spare parts. Since the beginning of our work in 2009, 301 and a half thousand products have been manufactured, as many machines of different kinds around the world travel and work on our mechanisms. We work in three shifts.

About the equipment. We have purchased 22 units of machine tools in the last three years, and decommissioned 106! Not losing, but only adding in efficiency. Modern machines of the best manufacturers are five or more times more efficient also overseas, but already outdated. The same horizontal-milling HULLER-HILLE machining center replaced fifteen machine tools at once! Not to mention quality.

The current time dictates new challenges, everything has to be done very quickly if you want to survive. We have developed and started producing units for Belarusian truck cranes in record time. By the way, we also supply mine loaders to China.

- It is even surprising that your products are not forged in China.

- The situation is specific there. Our competitors, the world's largest Danfoss manufacturers, Eaton have built their own hydraulic plants in China. But we have a more competitive price with high quality. And China's market is the largest in the world. So they buy our products there.

- The next ten years of successful work for you!

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